Why to Hire a Property Management Company in Phuket?

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You own a property in Phuket and want to have it rented out but do you have the time and dedication to manage it?

When you first buy an investment property to let out, you are focused on maximising profit. This can sometimes lead investors to overlook the benefits of hiring a property management company. However the difference between doing everything yourself and having an expert firm do it for you can be substantial. It is definitely not something that you, as a new Phuket property owner, can afford to dismiss.

We put all the reasons why you should hire a Phuket property management service company under a microscope, to give you a clearer idea of what you could be missing out on. So if you are considering buying a  Phuket condo or villa in Phuket then listen up! Here are all the reasons you should consider hiring a property management firm to operate on your behalf.

What Do Property Management Services in Phuket do?

First of all, let’s define exactly what it is that a property manager in Phuket is going to take care of on your behalf. 

A property management company in Phuket will do all of the things that you would have to do yourself otherwise. Such as; 

  • Visiting the property frequently to ensure that the property has no issues, such as water leaks, pests infestation, mold issues etc.
  • Carrying out frequent checks on the property to ensure appliances and fittings are in good working order.
  • Managing maintenance / repairs and dealing with contractors. 
  • Scheduling regular cleaning and airing of the property.
  • Paying bills (electric, water, tv, internet) and dealing with the suppliers.
  • Being the point of contact for all tenants.

Having a management company to handle all this on your behalf leaves you with more free time to do what you enjoy and give you a bit less of a headache.

Now that we have established exactly what a property manager can do, let’s look at the top 5 reasons why hiring a Phuket Property Management Company might be the best thing you ever did.

5 Reasons to Hire Property Managers in Phuket to Care For Your Property

Here are some of the best considerations for hiring property management services in Phuket.

1 – You Reside Overseas

If the property investments you have made are far away in another country, then you could really use the best property management services in Phuket that you can find. Why? Dealing with situations like answering enquiries about the area, marketing your condo or apartment, dealing with guests, or even inspecting between rentals – all take time and attention. There are some things that your property manager in Phuket can do for you that you cannot do yourself when you are not in the country… and that’s a simple fact.

2 – Your Time is Valuable

If you weigh your time and the value that it has, against the number of hours you would spend taking care of your Phuket investment property, what is worth more? If you spend 30 hours a month taking care of tenants, advertising for new ones, repairing damages, sourcing contractors – how much is that going to cost when measured against the monthly cost of your property management firm? 30 hours a month is almost a full week’s pay. Can you afford to spare those hours?

3 – You Feel Overwhelmed

If you have taken the plunge and bought your dream rental property, but don’t know where to turn next? A property manager in Phuket is exactly the way you should go next. When you need expert advice, you call in the professionals… it’s only common sense. 

A property manager in Phuket knows the area, they know how and where to advertise, they know your market and how it will respond… They know the best contractors and how to find the right prices. Besides anything else, they speak the same language as those you are trying to rent your property out to!

The best advice we can give you is not to get overwhelmed and to contact us, instead. In the meantime, let’s move on.

4 – You Need a Face for Tenants

It is really important for tenant turnover that you make tenants and prospective tenants feel seen and heard. Always being at the other end of the phone isn’t the same as having a face to face property manager. Phuket has lots of options with a wide variety of properties for rent. If you can’t put a human face on your property, you run the risk of being side-swiped by the competition.

We all know that putting a human face to your advertising campaigns results in much higher ROI. If you aren’t taking advantage of this by using a reputable property management company in Phuket, you are definitely missing out.

5 – You Want to Lower Maintenance Costs

Nine times out of 10, your property manager in Phuket will have their own maintenance and repairs team or have close relations with local contractors. They will be able to get things easily done like change lightbulbs, fix signs of wear and tear between tenants, and can even give a deep clean when it is needed. When you are managing your rental property by yourself, these are things that add up in terms of 3rd party service costs. This is one of the biggest areas where hiring a property manager might be cheaper than going without one.

Maintenance can also cover certain things that are promised with the rental property. So you might hire a firm with a regular cleaning staff, who will perform weekly cleaning of the property on your behalf. This is the kind of thing that can be used as a marketing point to distinguish your condo from the competition. When you choose a property management service in Phuket, you are maximising your chances of creating your very own unique selling point.

Where Can I Find an Expert Quality Property Manager in Phuket?

Here at Select1 Property, we specialise in expert property management services. Phuket has some great beach locations – but we know all the best areas for investing or residing. We also know just how much it takes to prioritise our client’s properties in order to unlock better ROI.  We put you, your needs, and the needs of your tenants, at the forefront of everything we do… because when you make money, so do we.

Get in touch today and let’s start making the most of your Phuket investment property. Maximum ROI is just a few clicks away.

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