How to Sell your Property in Phuket with best results?

How to Sell your Property in Phuket?

Selling property on the Phuket Real Estate market isn’t easy sometimes. To sell your property in Phuket you need to make sure your property leaves a good impression and actively keep your property at the forefront of the market.

You need to be aware of the properties around you and what they have to offer, and you need to price your property to match.

To sell your Phuket in property is as much about making it stand out from the crowd as it is about getting a good deal. We know exactly how difficult it can be to sell your Phuket home, so we put together this article to help guide you through the intricacies of this predominantly holiday home market.

Want to Sell your Property in Phuket? Here’s How!

Without further ado, let’s delve straight into our list of top tips to successfully help sell your Phuket property.

1 – Modify the Price Point

If you don’t attach the right price to your Phuket property, you are either under or over selling yourself. This could result in being taken advantage of, just as easy as it might result in you being unable to find buyers since your condo or villa is priced higher than surrounding homes. To beat this issue, set an attractive price and, if you are open to offers, advertise this fact.

In order to set your price correctly consider what your property offers over the competition or similar properties in the area. Do you have excellent common facilities, well maintained common areas, professional onsite property management, good rental returns, does your property come fully furnished and well maintained, is your property freehold or leasehold. Also what did other homes in your estate or building sell for recently.

2 – Good Quality Photography

Selling your property is much easier when you showcase it in the right light. This could mean hiring a professional photographer to do the photoshoot on your behalf. The professional will get the angle right, making your property look as large as possible. They know how to set a scene so that the photo is perfect, how to attain the best lighting and, arguably most importantly, they know how to highlight the best parts so they stand out and grab the attention of any potential buyer.

3 – Video Marketing

When you are marketing your home in Phuket, it’s worth considering having a video that allows a person to experience a virtual walk through of your home. This can really help the potential buyer connect with the property and therefore you are much more likely to generate a high quality lead. 

Also adding to a video that shows the best parts of Phuket life to potential clients can go a long way. A video can be shown to those who might never have seen the area, giving them an all-round view of what it would be like to own a holiday home in Phuket.

Any good salesperson knows that adding a sleek video presentation to go with your product will increase your enquiries and sales rates. Studies have found that adding videos on sites like eBay and Amazon have resulted in increases of up to 35% in sales. Apply this same formula to your Phuket property for sale and you should find you are able to secure more interest to help  make that sale. If you need further advice on video marketing, or interested in having a 3D walk through for your property contact us for more information.

4 – Essential Home Maintenance / Repairs

How clean does your property look? Does it have the fresh and breezy feel of a new apartment or is it need of a lick of paint? Undertaking minor repairs is a great way to make sure tenants are interested in living in your property. Doing essential maintenance and repair work will give a great first impression when you open for viewings. 

Although this is primarily a matter of ensuring your potential buyers has a clean and well presented property, it is also beneficial to your pocket. A condo that looks good, and has a clean paint job, will always sell better than a dinghy, dark flat that nobody wants to make an offer on. Updating the look of your Phuket investment property is sure to see you with an increased figure the next time a viewer makes an offer. Every imperfection in your property is an opportunity for the buyer to knock you down on price…. don’t allow a negative impression!

5 – Hire a REAL Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent based in Phuket will know the ins and outs of the market. They can advise you on everything from when the best time to sell is, to what the current market trends might be. They know property investors and have contacts all over the world. Only a fool would think that they knew more than a housing market specialist does. It can also be better to choose a sole agent than to use multiple agents as this saves on coordination issues.

When you do come to seek the best Phuket property sales agent, you should come to us. Here at Select1 Property we know all there is to know about selling homes in Phuket. With our expertise, your home has the best chance to get the right market exposure and get in front of potential investors or active holiday home buyers. We can take all the hard work out of your hands, by handling all enquiries and viewings from potential buyers and local real estate agents.

6 – Make your Property Open for Viewings

It is a common problem that occurs time and time again. The seller wants to be available to viewers but simply doesn’t have the time. It might be that the seller is not available at certain times or as in most cases are not full time in Phuket. Whatever the reason for it, the house will be closed until you return. This is just another example of how a good property sales agent in Phuket could work in your favour.

The right real estate agent could be there for you, to open the house to viewings even if you don’t have the time. They can be available at short notice or at odd hours. In high sales season, some agents will request a viewing on the same day – before their client leaves Phuket! We have witnessed sellers miss out time and time again because the property is on the market – but they are not available. More often than not, the sellers will miss out to those similar apartments in the same building.

Rounding Up

You can sell your Phuket property much faster when you choose to sell through a professional, Phuket-based estate agent just like Select 1 Property. Follow our guide and you should soon find yourself with a property that is sold to proud new owners. Don’t forget you can always contact us too, if you need further advice.

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