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Can Foreigners Own Property in Thailand ?

Yes – Foreigners can own;

  • A freehold unit in a registered Condominium Building.
  • A freehold building / villa / house separate from its land.
  • Foreigners may also take ownership of a property or land through long term lease.

Are there any requirements as a foreigner to purchase a condominium in Thailand ?

There are few requirements when buying a condo in Thailand as a foreigner. However at time of purchase a foreigner must remit foreign currency into Thailand in order to purchase a condo.  

Can foreigners legally own a villa in Thailand ?

Yes, Foreigners can take freehold ownership of a structure in Thailand, however foreigners are not permitted to own land in Thailand. Foreigners may enter into a long lease agreement, commonly known as “Leasehold” to secure the land.

Can foreigners own land in Thailand ?

Foreigners can not directly own land in their name. However they can take ownership through a long term lease up to 30 years. Alternatively its is possible for a foreigner to be part of a Thai company that holds ownership over the land.


What are the types of ownership within a Condominium ?

Freehold Ownership – In Thailand a foreigner may legally acquire freehold ownership of a unit within a registered condominium building. Foreigners may not own land directly but as the condominium Juristic Person owns the land on which the building is erected then the ratio of foreign freehold ownership within a condominium building is set to 49% of the total private area.

Leasehold Ownership – In the case that the ratio of foreign freehold ownership within a condominium is full a foreigner may have the option to own a unit under a long term lease (leasehold). Leasehold gives the right of use and possession of the unit for a set period of time and is fully transferable. Currently the maximum lease permitted to be registered is 30 years, however it is extremely common for developers of new condominiums to offer additional lease renewals within their contracts giving the buyer up to a total of 90 years ownership.

What is a condominium ?

A condominium, also known as a condo, is a type of housing. A condo is a single unit located within a larger condominium development. A condominium development would be a large property complex that is divided and sold in individual units (condos). The ownership of a condominium also includes shared ownership in the ‘common property’.  

What is Common Area in a Condominium ?

Common Property (common area) is defined as the parts of a condominium development that are not individually owned units. i.e the land on which the condominium development is situated and any parts of the property which are provided for use by, or for the common benefit of the co-owners.


What are the different types of land titles ?

  • Chanote
  • Nor Sor Sarm Kor
  • Nor Sor Sam
  • Sor Kor Nung

What are the land sizes measurements in Thailand ?

1 Rai = 4 Ngan = 1,600 m2
1 Ngan = 4 Talang wah = 400 m2
1 Talang wah = 4 m2

1 Acre = 2.529 Rai = 4,046 m2
1 Hectare = 6.25 Rai = 10,000 m2

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