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Can foreigners own property in Thailand

Can foreigners own property in Thailand 2020

Can foreigners own property in Thailand? Yes – at least, that’s the short answer. Lots of foreign investors look to Thailand as a great place to buy property – especially on the popular island of Phuket – but there’s a little more to it than a simple yes or no answer.  We find that lots of buyers are confused by what legal rights they have about owning certain types of...

buying a property in thailand

8 Easy Steps to Buying a Property in Thailand

Buying a property in Thailand may seem a challenging task. Many people wonder, can foreigners buy property in Thailand.  As with any overseas property purchase there are always a few things to consider and plan before taking that step. Informing yourself of potential problems and obstacles you might encounter can make the purchasing process so much easier.  In this article,...

getting around phuket

Getting Around Phuket in 2020

Millions of tourists return to Phuket each year for the island's warm climate and beautiful beaches. But, what is the best mode of transport to be getting around Phuket? Well, luckily there are a number of different ways whether the purpose is as simple as an airport transfer or a day sightseeing. To help you know exactly what options there are available to you, we’re going to be taking a look at the...

Long Term Rental Phuket

Long Term Rental Phuket – The Ultimate Guide (2020)

Are you interested in long term rentals Phuket? Then read on. This guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need when renting a property for an extended period of time.   What is a long term rental? These are commonly leases of properties whereby a tenant commits to renting a property for a duration of 6 to 12 months. Longer lease terms may also be agreed upon but in general...

Renting property in Phuket

Renting Property in Phuket

All you need to know and the most frequently asked questions about renting property in Phuket. How much is rent in Phuket? A one-bedroom condo on the west coast typically goes for around THB 18,000 to THB 25,000 on average, while premium condos that could be larger in size, have a wide range of on-site facilities, offer sea views, and have close proximity to the beach, or shopping areas could cost...

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